Censor This

As of late, the forum Starfleet uses to communicate to our brothers and sisters in Salt Lake City, CL R&R, has been under attack by somebody flagging off all the posts. It is censorship and has been directed at removing Starfleet's posts from the forum. Nobody can put forth any good arguments to counter Starfleet so they use the prohibited switch and remove the content. Other posters claim the same thing is happening to them but this is aimed at Starfleet. Whether it is the LDS Church, Russian troll farm, hyper-vigilante, or something else we will never know. But one thing is well-known: the LDS Church is good at censorship, removing content that objects and offends them from all forums on their websites and social media accounts. On the other hand, Russian trolls are very good at disrupting forums in the United States. I'm sure those trolls understand Craigslist very well.

Either way: the censorship will not deter Starfleet. Our message to our Mormon brothers and sisters will still be voiced on the CL platform and other platforms as well. The LDS people will come to understand their responsibility to themselves, their family and their community.

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