Proof of Concept


Pioneer (rendered 9/30/2016)

Most our time is spent on the clothes. We have got to figure something out. Here is an exercise to become better acquainted with the characters. Learning as we go along. Seeing what works and what does not.

Starfleet Response 2016 (rendered 4/5/2016)

Although the graveyard scene totally sucked, we needed to get it out to see what needed worked on. Now we needed to do another exercise. Get a new character into play. By this time we had already modeled important sets on the spaceship so we were posing primitive rigs and doing a lot of geometry editing after the pose. Trial and error, repeat. Let's just see what we could do if we needed to.

Starfleet Mission (rendered 10/3/2015)

So now that Brother Joe is out of the graveyard- what do we do? We know we got to get him on the ship. So we beamed him directly into sickbay because we were experiencing some technical problems as beginner 3D artists do. We used the exercise as a way to test some methods.