Brother Joe Fly Around

This is a test render fly around of our 3D model of Joseph Smith. Work in progress. We are going to finish Escape from Granite Mountain for the next LDS General Conference: October 2018. We were still struggling with the hair on Brother Joe when we went into it. It has taken a few months to get grounded again. But with this we feel we can comfortably use this model in production work. There are some hair issues that need to be addressed and those will be fixed over this nice weekend.


The Argument for Privacy

Hello Forumholic,

You may be interested to watch a documentary on YouTube titled "Anonymous Down The Deep Dark Web Documentary."


"The reason we want privacy fundementally is because it allows free human interaction according to our own will. Humans develop when they use their own mind and make their own choices. Good or bad, and they deal with their own consequences. That's how we grow: you have to be able to screw up without getting slammed. And when theres somebody looking down at you, when you have to be afraid, when you have to lower your voice to talk about certain things; you are squeezing out human development in evolution."

Paul Rosenberg
author "The Freeman's Perspective"

Conference (Re)Schedule

Choose The Right emblem on a Winnebago Steering Wheel

At the 2017 October Conference the LDS Church decided it was better to hold Priesthood meetings once a year. Still, in 2018 there are two conferences: a priesthood meeting and a women's meeting. The priesthood meeting is slated for April 1st, 2018 and the women's meeting is for October 2018. We had planned to submit our next comic for October of 2018. However, we had decided to throw all of our effort towards a April 1st, 2018 release. That target date is 25 days away from the time of this post. Technically, it is feasible as we have the assets and software. Personally, however, I question the time resources to achieve our new target. There are chores at home and responsibilities at work that we can not ignore. I have already spoken to my wife about this and she understands I will become a hermit in the upstairs studio. Brothers and Sisters, Starfleet will see you April 1st, 2018 with our comic response to the April 1st, 2018 General Conference.

Should Joseph Smith or Starfleet drive this Winnebago?
Joseph Smith portrayed as a rock star