Conference (Re)Schedule

Choose The Right emblem on a Winnebago Steering Wheel

At the 2017 October Conference the LDS Church decided it was better to hold Priesthood meetings once a year. Still, in 2018 there are two conferences: a priesthood meeting and a women's meeting. The priesthood meeting is slated for April 1st, 2018 and the women's meeting is for October 2018. We had planned to submit our next comic for October of 2018. However, we had decided to throw all of our effort towards a April 1st, 2018 release. That target date is 25 days away from the time of this post. Technically, it is feasible as we have the assets and software. Personally, however, I question the time resources to achieve our new target. There are chores at home and responsibilities at work that we can not ignore. I have already spoken to my wife about this and she understands I will become a hermit in the upstairs studio. Brothers and Sisters, Starfleet will see you April 1st, 2018 with our comic response to the April 1st, 2018 General Conference.

Should Joseph Smith or Starfleet drive this Winnebago?
Joseph Smith portrayed as a rock star

Smart Utah Phone App

While you’ve been sitting idly thinking about nothing, you’ve probably been listening to the radio or TV in the background. You don’t pay much attention to the noise. But listen closer.

The local media has been pushing this app called SafeUT, managed by the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Department.

It targets “troubled youth” and encourages everybody who has the app on their phone to, well, instead of intervening, let a Crisis Professional take care of it. For times when being human is just a little too much: pull out your phone and report somebody.

Even more threatening are the many suggestions creeping into your mind while you are unaware: this is not your parental responsibility, this is the State’s responsibility.

You’ve been duped believing you are the parents of your children. In fact, you have lost all your parental rights without even knowing it. State government has a plan for you. God has a plan for you. Follow.

Banned in Salt Lake City

The best path forward for the Pioneer religionI am very glad to be spending some much needed personal time with the wife. Haven’t been doing much of anything at all on the comic front, I needed a good rest period. I feel that I am ready to start doing more comics. I knew I would get banned sooner or later on the Salt Lake Tribune and that is perfectly fine. Our message to reform ourselves and our church has been delivered with clarity. I noticed a few of our other regular contributors have been missing from the comment section also. I’ve been spending too much time on that forum anyway. This will help me get more done and I can work to bring more visitors to our website headquarters here. We will succeed in our work.


Brother Joe

I would have to believe that the morals of the 1800's during the time of Brother Joe's life were invested in men who knew how to uphold their role and responsibility. Men did not refer to women as Hoes, females or bitches. Men back then did not have the government up their ass with the save the children banner and so it was a mans role to raise and guide his family by his own moral compass. I believe it was that level of independence from the government which allowed men to thrive in their role and fulfill their duty as husbands and fathers. We tend to think that the underage marriages reported from that time illustrate men were having a grand time abusing children. But I have to consider the reasons for the marriages which may have been regarded as something other than the shallow sexual perspective which we ourselves project onto those early times from our current measure of morality. All I see in the forums today is the sexual and polygamist aspect of it. That seems to be the only thing that most people can think about. It makes me wonder if our set of standards and morals of the present is only a vague memory of what it truly used to be. Might we have fallen so far without even knowing it?

Men in the 1800's were not constantly bombarded with sexual suggestions from the media on radio, print, movies or television. Ladies were honored. If we could travel back through time and go up to Brother Joe and assert to his face that he is a child molester then we would be dead before we could ever make it back to our time. He perceived his right to marry Helen Kimball was just and it was his duty, as a man, to defend it.

We have to measure Brother Joe by the standards of his time, not ours. I believe it is ourselves in our current generations that have perverted the image and role of women and girls. If this is the case then we really are in trouble as a society and we need to get government out of running our homes and back out on the street building sidewalks.

Just some food for thought so that everybody here knows where I am coming from. The first assumption would be the obvious- that I myself am looking to marry young girls. Whatever. What is alarming to me is that nobody seems to grasp this point: in the 1800's there were probably very few, if any perverts running loose. I believe this because there was no media to saturate their minds with suggestions and images portraying women as sex objects. I understand that women during the 1800's did not enjoy the same rights and their counterparts. But that doesn't mean they were treated like objects or sex slaves.